Each responsible citizen should be aware of the political situation and processes taking place in their own country. Politics as a separate discipline is included in the general curriculum, but people still have a little understanding of what's going on. And it's not surprising because college curricula are so difficult and extensive that students have to pay for essay in minor disciplines. And politics often suffer the same fate. There are many books in politics, like Beyond Resistance, but people just don't know about them because their minds are full of other useless resources. It would be good if students were told the truth. However, we still see that education experts consider it better to load young people with many assignments, essay writing tasks and make them pull an all-nighter in attempts to do it, and finally get sick after such stress. As you know, a country renewal starts with youth, who tries to tackle the heavy college load now and consider academic assistance the only rescue.

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Beyond Resistance

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The Buzz

“With Beyond Resistance, Kathy Hertz and Donna Lipman turn their angst into activism as they share their process of navigating today’s political climate, conversation, and chaos. Honest and authentic, reading Beyond Resistance feels like you are having lunch with two good girlfriends since it leaves you feeling more at peace with the present, optimistic about the possibilities for change, and empowered and inspired to play your part.”

Kelley Kosow, Author of The Integrity Advantage and CEO of The Ford Institute

“Donna Lipman and Kathy Hertz offer an invaluable toolkit for dealing with the mental, emotional, and spiritual stresses of the Trump era. Sharing concepts in a practical, easy-to-understand style, the authors give a blueprint for effectively using anxiety, anger, and fear to further our goals. In doing so we’re able to reclaim our power individually and collectively, gather and focus our attention and efforts, and more effectively take action toward positive change, socially and politically. Yes, there’s hope!”

Clifford B. Edwards, Author of The Forgiveness Handbook: A Simple Guide to Freedom of the Mind and Heart

“Beyond Resistance is an essential guide for anyone who experiences a wave of dread when they read the news.”

Diane Altomare, Author of Clarity: Ten Proven Strategies to Transform Your Life and radio talk show host of Politically Emotional

“A cool and reasonable clarity that will steer readers to solace … This book is what we need in these turbulent times–a balm, a mental first aid kit, a cool and reasonable clarity that will steer readers to solace but inspire action, too. Hertz and Lipman offer cogent analysis of the current political turmoil, offering hope to those of us confounded by and, yes, disgusted with the nation’s leadership. The selling point of this book is the strategies the authors offer for empowerment and sanity we can impose on ourselves to act in our best interests and to assure our country’s future as that “shining city on a hill” our early leaders envisioned.”

Amazon Customer Review, Amazon

“Living in a perpetual state of anger and upheaval is not healthy for anyone.” – Beyond Resistance
“Ok. We know that. But given how things are in our country how can we avoid being in such a state? Hertz and Lipman, both expert life trainers and both activists, set out to provide an answer. And they succeeded. I appreciated that they are respectful of the reader. They don’t minimize the problem. They avoid the cliche’s of so many books that might be categorized as “self-help.” They take us through well-illustrated steps to analyze our condition honestly and then provide suggestions – and exercises that they clearly have tested – to help us move to a different state. In Chapter 6 entitled “The Fatal Four” self-righteousness is number 4. Oh my, did I ever need help with that one – and they provided it. I highly recommend this book.”

Amazon Customer Review, Amazon

“The book was helpful in many ways, especially the exercises putting to practice what was learned. As a therapist and Spiritual Director, I have recommended this book to many who have felt relief knowing they are not alone! Looking forward to more from this team!”

Amazon Customer Review, Amazon

“Timely and worth the read.”

Van Jones, CNN

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