Our Story

Our relationship began in 2012 when Kathy enrolled in The Ford Institute for Transformational Training Integrative Coaching program. Serendipitously, Donna was the leader of the 18-month intensive course. From that time forward, a friendship flourished.

Fast forward to the 2016 Presidential election when we both found ourselves in very dark places. We couldn’t shake the feeling of doom following the election of Donald Trump. We decided to have weekly calls and support each other in using the chaos of the political climate as a catalyst for growth, rather than be swallowed up by it.  We had a unique “language” as well as strategies and tools that we fully trusted through our training, and set out to apply them to the current predicament. Thus began the new version of our relationship as co-authors and resistance co-conspirators!

Donna Lipman

Donna Lipman began her coaching and training career when she was introduced to the work of transformation thought leader, Debbie Ford. The work deeply resonated with her. From reading Debbie’s books and participating in The Shadow Process Workshop, the fundamentals imparted would not only impact her own personal growth but would enable her to help impact the lives of thousands.

For this project, Donna brings together her commitment to The Resistance, life coaching and presentation skills to partner with Kathy Hertz in creating a guide to help navigate the stress of these chaotic political times and simultaneously becoming a more powerful, grounded and influential person.

Having worked up through the ranks at The Ford Institute for Transformational Training, Donna became an executive of the organization and is one of only two people, other than Debbie Ford herself, to lead the life-altering 3-day Shadow Process Workshop. When the Institute and JFK University joined forces to provide professional life coaching training in the method developed by Ms. Ford, Donna was appointed to lead Evolution Into Mastery and other life training programs as a core professor. These programs redefined the profession of life coaching, provided comprehensive training in the methodology and enabled university students to acquire the knowledge and skills to become leading edge life coaches while earning their bachelor’s degrees.

Donna is is a contractor for the University of Texas, training entrepreneurs around the world in the field of presentation skills. She also offers public workshops for those desiring to hone their presentation skills or move past the fears that block them from being fully self-expressed.

Donna says, “If I can do it, you can too! I grew up afraid of people, unexpressed and keeping to myself, often hiding in the background, hoping not to be noticed. That familiar voice in the back of my head would often be heard saying, ‘Who do you think you are?’ I was sure that no one really wanted to hear what I had to say anyway. But, with commitment, excellent support and training (and a little belief in myself,) I was able to break through the fears that gripped me for so many years. It’s extraordinary that I am now teaching the very thing that held me back for much of my life. It’s a honor to support others who might feel the same way.” Donna’s motto is, “Every voice matters.”

Living in Austin, TX with her husband, Tom Parish, Donna muses that when she’s not playing with one of her 7 grandchildren, teaching, challenging the status quo or writing postcards to elected officials, you can find her singing with her a cappella group, The Texas Lovebirds.

Kathy Hertz

Kathy Hertz describes herself as a card-carrying member of the Resistance. She has extensive backgrounds in politics and government as well as the entertainment industry. Kathy has experienced and witnessed the enormous impact that unchecked negative internal voices and beliefs can have on lives. For this reason she believed it was imperative to address the epidemic levels of distress and overwhelm following Donald Trump’s election. Following years of political engagement and activism Kathy now brings her diverse background together with her life coaching skills to partner with Donna Lipman and create a roadmap for surviving and thriving during these turbulent political times.

Kathy is a certified life coach through the The Ford Institute for Transformational Training and dedicated refugee volunteer and activist. Kathy was recently awarded George HW Bush’s Points of Light Foundation’s prestigious Point of Light Award for her work with refugees on Lesvos, Greece, and the 2016 Annual Fairfax County Volunteer Service Award for adult volunteer service. Kathy is a veteran of the (Bill) Clinton and John Kerry Presidential campaigns. She was Assistant to the Deputy NY State Director during the Clinton campaign tasked with organizing and planning a major march in NYC and letters to the editor campaign. She served as election day volunteer coordinator for the Kerry campaign and took on various other organizational responsibilities.

A career highlight was Kathy’s appointment to the U.S. Department of Defense as a Clinton administration political appointee. She was a public affairs and advance specialist for the Secretary of Defense, William J. Perry, and travelled extensively around the world with him. During her time in the entertainment business, Kathy was part of the management teams of David Bowie and Pat Benatar, among others. Volunteerism and service have been the themes running throughout Kathy’s life. She says “volunteerism is activism. Volunteering is a statement to the world that you are standing up for what you believe. We can all contribute to creating the world we wish to live in by making conscious choices. It’s not a matter of how much you give (time or money), it’s a matter of giving whatever you can – whatever works for you. It’s about taking the time to stop and evaluate, dismiss all the internal negative voices telling you it’s not enough and you shouldn’t bother, and then taking action.”

Hailing from New York City, Kathy now lives in Northern Virginia with her 15 year old son, Sam, and their 3 beagles: Charlie, Rocky and Belle.