“Timely and worth the read
-Van Jones, CNN

Donna is a superstar and has earned her right to be one of the great spiritual teachers of our time.
-Debbie Ford, Author & Founder of the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching

“Kathy’s positivity and contagious enthusiasm created an immediate and lasting shift in my worldview, my perception of those around me and myself. At her core, Kathy is a deeply perceptive, intelligent, compassionate and spiritual person who introduced an entire universe of possibilities to my life.
-Elizabeth V., Fairfax, VA

“Donna is one of the most potent, wise spiritual leaders I have ever met. To spend time in her presence is to be transformed. If you aren’t interested in waking up to your full potential stay away from this woman!.”
-J. Hilton, Owner, Real Estate Investment Company, Austin, TX

“The work I did with Kathy changed the way I navigate through life and made me a more powerful and confident person. Kathy’s intuition and insight helped break down my road blocks and prompted profound realizations that have created positive movement in my life’s journey.”
-Amber A., Santa Fe, NM

“One session with Donna Lipman opened my eyes to why I was my greatest (and only) barrier. She gave me a new question to live with: “What am I more committed to, my dreams or my excuses?”
-J. Foster, Business Owner, Austin, TX

“Kathy opened my eyes to a new reality that I had long forgotten about, with kindness, focus and compassion! She was instrumental in helping me to see where my new path could start, and supporting me in finding it!”
-J. Burns, Middleburg, VA

“Donna is a profound catalyst who uses highly polished skills, great commitment, and a deeply loving heart to help me access the power within and create the life I choose.”
-R. Allegro, Judge, San Marcos, TX

“What I thought was impossible almost a year ago is now happening to me and I am really stunned and ecstatic. I am a completely different man, full of hope, aspirations and dreams for the future.”
-Dennis N., New York, NY

“Donna has consistently held me in the highest vision of myself and what I can accomplish. Through her coaching and guidance, I have empowered myself to accomplish goals and dreams that at one time I never thought possible. Forever in gratitude.”
-J. Fleming, Emotional Healing Systems, Santa Fe, NM

“Kathy helped me to begin clearing old patterns and ways of being only to emerge a more authentic person with many tools to move forward and reach for my goals and dreams.”
-Robin, N., Baltimore, MD