We are at the 1-week countdown to the midterm elections. Are you one of the people that say you want to do something to help, but find the days counting down and you are still not taking action? This is it – this is where the rubber meets the road and where you can make a difference. Have you spent the last two years tortured by the actions and rhetoric of this administration? If so, the single biggest thing you can do to change the direction of our country is get involved in the midterm elections.

Ways to Get Involved

1- Volunteer at a local campaign. Find your local candidate online and either call or just show up – they will be thrilled to have you. Most campaigns ask volunteers to canvas (go door to door) and speak to voters, or make calls. You are given lists of names of likely democrats or independents who have voted Dem in the past. You are not asked to engage with Trump supporters or Republicans. They get you prepared and after the first interaction, it’s a cinch! If there is no real local contest where you are, reach out to any other campaign that needs support, they will be happy to have your help. THIS WEEKEND IS THE MOST IMPORTANT 2 DAYS FOR CANDIDATES.

2 – Register people to vote. There is no chance of a blue wave if people aren’t registered. Become involved with a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Organization such as Multiply Your Vote or Rock The Vote. You can check your State by clicking here

3 – Donate. No matter what you can comfortably donate, it helps. Grassroots donations can make or break a campaign. Never be concerned that you aren’t giving enough – there is no such thing. Candidates will be grateful for any amount you can give.

4 – Talk to everyone you meet. That’s right – talk to your friends, your cable repairman, the grocery store check-out person, EVERYONE. Make sure they are registered and that they plan to vote. Remind them that campaigns can be won or lost by single digits. EVERY VOTE MATTERS. Have them commit to you that they will vote.

5 – Host a postcard writing party. Contact your local campaign or Dem headquarters and ask them for materials to host a party. Invite your friends and have some fun while making a difference. Click here for more information on how to throw a postcard writing party.

So, now we are going to really pour it on thick.

How you will feel if election day comes, your candidate loses, and you didn’t do what you could to help get her/him elected? We are guessing the answer is, terrible. There is still time, the next two weeks are critical. We need you. Get going!