Suggested Interview Questions

1. What is the “shadow self” and how is it relevant to what so many people are experiencing in today’s highly divisive political climate?

2. You talk about being part of The Resistance. What does that mean to you?

3. From the daily news to the dinner table, people everywhere have come face to face with upsetting and overwhelming issues and conversations. What are some quick tips you can offer to anyone whose usual coping strategies are failing them?

4. In your book “Beyond Resistance,” you say that the key to empowered action lies in surrendering to “what is.” How does that work?

5. You talk about chaos being a catalyst for growth. How can people embrace this possibility rather than being swallowed up by feelings of overwhelm?

6. Is it really possible to find well-being and balance while staying engaged politically?

7. How does denial come into play? How is it holding people back from creating the personal and political outcomes they most want to see?

8. What is the difference between focusing on what you’re standing for rather than what you’re fighting against?

9. What can people do with all the anger and outrage they are feeling? How can they mitigate those heavy thoughts and worries?

10. Many people find it challenging to go from thinking about what they’d like to engage with politically to actually taking action on it. Why is that?

11. Is your book “Beyond Resistance” just for activists? How can observers or at-home advocates benefit from these strategies?