“Timely and worth the read.”
-Van Jones, CNN

“If you are wondering how best to reframe what is happening in our culture now, for yourself and society, then this is the book for you. Peace in our time begins on the inside.”
-Patrick Houser, Author

“This book is what we need in these turbulent times–a balm, a mental first aid kit, a cool and reasonable clarity that will steer readers to solace but inspire action, too. Hertz and Lipman offer a cogent analysis of the current political turmoil, offering hope to those of us confounded by and, yes, disgusted with the nation’s leadership. The selling point of this book is the strategies the authors offer for empowerment and sanity we can impose on ourselves to act in our best interests and to assure our country’s future as that “shining city on a hill” our early leaders envisioned.”
-Liz Meador, Professor

“Resistance is reactive. “Beyond Resistance” inspires us to be proactive by taking action. It provides exercises to resolve our personal resistances and blocks. It encourages us to look for common ground where possible. Where that isn’t possible it advises us how to stand firmly and move powerfully to create the world we want. In this era of divisiveness, it helps us discern when to let go and when to pull with all our might.” 
-Susan Meredeth, Activist, Author of Beyond Lightbulbs: Lighting the Way to Smarter Energy Management

Every day brings yet more stress and yes, disgust, with the politics of our nation, especially this Trump administration. Hertz and Lipman offer solace and action in this guidebook that enlightens and transforms. The strategies for coping and acting for change empower us toward a mission whereby we can create a better self, community, nation, and world. Readers will love the SMARTIE goals that can be applied to maintain our clarity and sanity in these troubled times.
-Amazon Customer

“With Beyond Resistance, Kathy Hertz and Donna Lipman turn their angst into activism as they share their process of navigating today’s political climate, conversation, and chaos. Honest and authentic, reading Beyond Resistance feels like you are having lunch with two good girlfriends since it leaves you feeling more at peace with the present, optimistic about the possibilities for change, and empowered and inspired to play your part.” 

-Kelley Kosow, Author of The Integrity Advantage and CEO of The Ford Institute

“Donna Lipman and Kathy Hertz offer an invaluable toolkit for dealing with the mental, emotional, and spiritual stresses of the Trump era. Sharing concepts in a practical, easy-to-understand style, the authors give a blueprint for effectively using anxiety, anger, and fear to further our goals. In doing so we’re able to reclaim our power individually and collectively, gather and focus our attention and efforts, and more effectively take action toward positive change, socially and politically. Yes, there’s hope!” 

-Clifford B. Edwards, Author of The Forgiveness Handbook: A Simple Guide to Freedom of the Mind and Heart

“Beyond Resistance is an essential guide for anyone who experiences a wave of dread when they read the news.”
-Diane Altomare, Author of Clarity: Ten Proven Strategies to Transform Your Life and radio talk show host of Politically Emotional