The Subconscious Self

There is so much more to who you are than what meets the eye. A whole universe lies beneath your surface. There are basically two parts of who you are – the conscious part, and the part that is unseen, the subconscious. It may surprise you to learn that it is actually your subconscious that has the greatest impact on your life and who you are. The subconscious is powerful beyond measure and can dictate everything from your beliefs to your choices and behaviors. It impacts your interactions with others, how you feel about yourself and the world, and what you achieve in life.

Your Shadow

Your subconscious “rule book” was predominantly written when you were a child. You had experiences that told you what kind of behavior was acceptable and what would provoke frightening responses from others. These may have been verbal or even physical. As a result of these experiences, you made decisions that parts of who you (greedy, selfish, show-off, etc) were unacceptable and that you would do whatever necessary to hide those qualities from the world. The difficulty arises when your need to prove that you are not something catapults you into living inauthentically.  Your behavior is now dictated by what you want the world to believe about you and your need to prove it.

Hurtful childhood experiences also had an impact on your subconscious. They taught you how or who you needed to “be” to avoid hurt in the future. In other words, how to stay safe. For example, if you were abandoned by a parent, you may have made the decision that love is not safe and decided subconsciously to never let love into your life. Years later you say (and believe) you want a relationship, but time and time again you make self-sabotaging choices, ultimately keeping yourself safe from love and the pain you believe it will cause.

Moving beyond your limiting beliefs

You may be asking yourself, “So, I have all this subconscious stuff dictating my life, what should I do? The first step in moving beyond the limitations of your subconscious is…..making it conscious! Both Donna and Kathy are extensively trained as certified life coaches and are uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of uncovering and releasing your limiting subconscious beliefs.  This will allow you to finally close the gap between what you say you want in your life and what you are actually creating/achieving. You will find the freedom to live free from the limitations of your subconscious mind and become all that you dream of.

Is today the day you will begin the journey to become the person you were always meant to be? Contact us for further information on private or small group coaching. It will change your life.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 

Carl Jung, 20th-century Swiss Psychoanalyst, and Psychiatrist.